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It's no secret that weddings are one of our great passions and after nearly four decades celebrating couples, we still get butterflies. Partnering with expert wedding planners to create one-of-a-kind settings, crafting menus that reflect a couple's heritage and palate, reverse engineering a couple's favorite cocktail for their guests to enjoy: the myriad of details that go into a wedding fill us with as much excitement now as they did thirty-nine years ago. Intimate, casual, rustic, extravagant – we have been there for every imaginable style of wedding a couple has dreamed up. So please, go ahead and dream.


"If you can dream it, Paula LeDuc can create it. Her food quality is flawless — it's like eating five-star dining wherever you could possibly imagine."

- Laurie Arons, Owner of Laurie Arons Special Events


Photography by Jose Villa, Kate Webber, Ron Manville, Josh Gruetzmacher, Melanie Duerkopp, Matt Edge, Anna Kuperberg, Milou + Olin, Max Wanger, Lauren & Abby Ross, Sylvie Gil, Lisa Maksoudian, Gertrude & Mabel, Silvano di Franco, Meg Smith, Larissa Cleveland, One Love, Michelle Beckwith, Kevin Chin, Britt Chudleigh, Michael Radford, Bethalee Photography, Samm Blake.